eCommerce Architecture: Your Guide to Building the Right Site in 2022

Scalable eCommerce is one of the most exciting eCommerce trends of the past few years. But with the dizzying array of eCommerce solutions and services on the market, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Upgrading or customization of a backend can be done at any time without affecting the front-end of the site and it can be a great custom solution. Headless architecture, sometimes referred to as decoupled eCommerce architecture, separates the front-end shopping experience from the back-end fulfillment experience. Your eCommerce business should be focused on providing a seamless shopping experience.

ecommerce software architecture

Your architecture should not be overly dependent on particular components, such as a framework, an UI or a database. Most common criteria how to evaluate the software architectureThese so-called “ratings of software architecture” sometimes are somewhat perplexing. If you are just concerned with the ratings, you may wind yourself selecting a trendy architectural design that has little to do with your unique requirements and objectives. Failing to design concise architecture, software development teams often find themselves in what they call a big ball of mud . Before we get into website structure and the technical side of things, first we need to establish what keywords your target audience is using when searching for the products you offer.

It allows SFCC merchandisers to mix shoppable products with fancy media material to enhance browsing. Before going MACH, it is important for your company to follow a defined digitalization route that will help you choose which digital commerce services are most suited to your needs. There are so-called commerce API layers that are among the advanced solutions available today. N-tier architecture may seem rather rigid and dead-end, if not diluted with other patterns, and in situations of somewhat less primitive businesses will become a serious obstacle to development. It should also be mentioned that this particular kind of architecture will be suitable for digital commerce novices. For instance, merchants that are just starting out on their road toward digital transformation and have very low resources as well as a very short amount of time for development.

INSYNC Commerce – A Fully Hosted and Integrated B2B eCommerce Platform

Sometimes customers are forced to do major updates for no tangible benefit. Internal linking helps you to discover more about your products or services. Add relevant keywords to page & navigation links – Keywords should be placed strategically throughout your site. Don’t make your links too long or complicated, as this could harm your rankings. This is important because your eCommerce site won’t be scalable if your hosting infrastructure isn’t capable of supporting it. You need to use a hosting provider that can handle scaling and high traffic volume.

  • In this case, the buyer will immediately receive a visual hint and determine the priority of actions.
  • When building microservices-based ecommerce applications, ScienceSoft works with the main architecture layers and components as described.
  • For example, the business layer would be in charge of tracking user preferences as customers navigate the website, view products and make purchases.
  • Previously, the traditional MVC would ask the controller for help, and the controller would use the models to process the data and display it to the user.
  • You’ll be responsible for installing software updates and security patches.
  • They don’t optimize on KPIs or customer needs; they request features.

WooCommerce is a popular self-hosted, open source framework for WordPress websites. Developed and maintained by Automattic, WooCommerce has a decent starter selection of essential ecommerce features for checkout. You’re responsible for keeping your customers’ information safe, and it’s important for your business viability and brand reputation to avoid data breaches. According to a study by KPMG, about 30% of customers would stop purchasing from a company temporarily after a data breach.

With full product catalog and backend functionality, SaaS allows you to get your site up and running in no time, since the provider is in charge of maintenance, hosting and site performance. Choosing Magento hosting just means that Magento is managing the servers that your software sits on. You’ll still have to maintain the software — and that includes both updates and security patches.

Composable architecture can get you to market fast because teams are focused on how the parts go together. With data moving between so many parts, the opportunities for a breach increase. On the downside, this simplicity doesn’t give you much control over how you develop or deploy. It does scale easily by placing multiple copies of the code behind a load balancer.

Customers are expected to be satisfied with the products and services they receive, so brands should have a fast and responsive approach to change and meet new expectations. Microservice architecture is a software development method where different application components can be paired together to build a complete system. The best architecture for eCommerce fits the strategy, goals, and digital maturity of the company. It enables the brand to create the customer experience their buyers demand while also meeting business goals for growth and stability. Initially, they needed a way to connect their existing systems into a more unified architecture.

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Experiments and optimization that touch back-end services are harder and take more time, which leads to a limited optimization of the overall conversion rate. Due to the inherent complexity of the monolithic application, cost optimization is possible, but requires a lot of effort. Sometimes major cost drivers are expensive COTS databases and on-premises data center infrastructure. In this design, the website will be broken up into different parts or sections (i.e., storefront, blog page). These sections are located on different servers and interact with each other via API to share data and work together to complete tasks. This type of architecture uses a sitemap, which is an XML file that lists every page on your site.

ecommerce software architecture

Over time you may need a platform that can handle higher traffic, more SKUs, more variants and more API calls. Open source frameworks often require a hefty licensing fee at the outset, plus you’ll have to plan for variable implementation costs and the cost of development and maintenance over time. Total cost of ownership can vary wildly across and even within the different frameworks, based on their features and capabilities. Plus, the way costs are structured may impact your business’ finances. Every ecommerce business has different needs, depending on your business model, products, preferred sales and advertising channels and more.

eCommerce Software Buyer’s Guide

After you went through the eCommerce SEO checklist you’ll understand what you need to do to get ahead of your competition. Some sections are technical in nature, so they can easily be shared with developers to implement the best practices. Everyone wants to be ranking #1 in Google and will do whatever it takes to get there. When you slip up, not only does it undo the progress that it took weeks or even months to achieve, but while you’re scrambling to recover, the other guy is profiting.

For example, if your payment system provider is Cybersource, you will have an object entity with name PSP and Cybersource to showcase that you have a PSP, and that this PSP is Cybersource. The final point, but of equal significance, is to include in each system entity on the diagram what are the main functionalities, features, or roles they will play in your e-commerce project. For example, PSP CyberSource on this diagram shows that it will handle Payment and Fraud validation. Practically, the best approach is the three-tiered architecture because it allows gathering business data and building a strategic approach to decision making. Three-tiered architecture is flexible, maintainable, and fast, but it also needs effort and financial investment. However, if you are thinking about building and implementing three-tier architecture, we are ready to help you.

For example, with a one-line command in Kubernetes, one can introduce a required update to dozens and hundreds of microservices. The comments section usually consists of reviews left by the old customers who have already used the software. This can highlight the ecommerce software solutions quality of services along with the frequency of service call requests which can help in separating the good ones from the bad ones. Our score is based on user satisfaction (reviews & ratings), social media buzz, online presence, and other relevant information.


It’s used by search engines to crawl your site and determine what content should be indexed. You can use Google Sitemaps to generate a sitemap to help improve rankings and indexing on search engines. It relates to the technical structure behind your ecommerce store and the way in which your website presentation, business, and data layers interact with one another. Integrating keywords into your navigation menu is another great way to optimize your site and create keyword-rich links for every product page. And if a particular page contains lots of internal links, this is a good sign to your search engine that the page holds high-value content, which means high SEO value.

ecommerce software architecture

It covers everything you need to know if you’re thinking of getting started with your first eCommerce store. When reviewing a product, the client has the whole row of categories and subcategories that led to this product. Should they need cords to the microphone or compare it to another model, they won’t need to return to the home page and do the search again — they can do it in one click.

This is comparatively a better option than recruiting staff to handle individual jobs in the eCommerce store. This feature helps beginners create their personalized website without the need for churning their head over the internet. Following the easy-to-follow steps, one can easily set up a site and make income from it within hours with the help of the ECommerce software. This is made possible by providing in-built designs, templates, themes, and more which tackles the need for hiring commercial designers to design your website. In today’s technology-driven world, eCommerce store owners have started to develop stylish stores to make the best of their online business.

Without an API, there would be a lot of disconnected microservices. Web-based eCommerce architecture depends on products created by cloud-based SaaS vendors. The term eCommerce architecture refers to how data and business logic interact to create a website with ordering capabilities.

How to Find the Best B2B Ecommerce Platform

Previously, the traditional MVC would ask the controller for help, and the controller would use the models to process the data and display it to the user. SFRA offers software SFCC developers and commerce architects access to approximately two hundred and fifty pre-made best-of-breed wireframes. The SFRA helps ecommerce professionals to lower the complexity of storefront dev. A smooth purchasing experience is crucial for the success of an ecommerce enterprise.


In this case, multiple servers between the client layer and database layer balance the data distribution and ensure decentralization. In this respect, microservice e-commerce architecture means building an application/website by organizing multiple services with less dependency on each other. An eCommerce website software can not only help you organize your online store but also helps it easily detectable by improving its search engine rankings. With robust website management and the guarantee of 100% uptime, the shopping cart software enables you to run ahead of your competitors. The all-in-one integrated platform performs multiple tasks under a single time frame ensuring zero mistakes.

Because navigational elements like such as the main menu, footer menu and breadcrumbs include links, these play a vital role too. When defining the titles, meta descriptions and headings, think about your visitors. What triggers them to request more information, or, even better, make a purchase? Try to weave the answers to these questions into the content in these columns.

Platforms & eCommerce Architecture

The advent of cloud computing has almost completely transformed the way software architecture is designed. Since the invention of DevOps, the number of ways in which digital commerce ecosystems can be made more complex has multiplied by several orders of magnitude. It ultimately led to the departure from the conventional monolithic architecture. This layer uses business logic and business rules to save and process data. This layer, for example, tracks and saves user preferences when users log in to the website and make their purchases. At this point, the customer logins to the website and is shown the previously chosen shipping method or previously browsed goods.

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